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Omotenashi by JAL around the world

The World's Best Seats for the World's Best Airline

We aim to become the world's favorite airline. We set out to achieve this by drastically improving the travel experience for all our passengers, making special efforts to improve our economy class seats.

We are closely involved with the manufacturers from design to completion. Beyond carrying out basic modifications to color and fabric, we also pay meticulous attention to safety, usability and comfort. It is the level of detail we put into perfecting our seat specifications which make them the best in the world.

In terms of seat development, comfort and safety are our top priority. Our seats feature no sharp corners that may cause inadvertent injury, while we have even eliminated edges in areas that are out of view, like below and to the sides of the seat. Furthermore, armrest hinges are curved to prevent even small fingers from accidentally getting inside. We have cut no corners in order to make our seats as comfortable and as safe as possible for all passengers, from children to senior travelers.

Welcome to Comfort in the Skies

Whether you fly first, business, premium economy or economy class, our seats offer the highest quality in any class. Our first class cabins are some of the largest on offer and surround passengers in premium comfort and luxury, while our business class seats, which took home the Skytrax Best Business Seat of the Year Award in 2013, provide all the quality and features usually reserved for first class cabins.

Not forgetting our economy class passengers, we have focused on improving the quality of seats in our standard class. As a result, our economy class seats are more comfortable and convenient than ever before. For greater usability, our economy class seats are equipped with a Smartphone holder, a drink holder, a USB port for charging and net pockets to store accessories and minimize the loss of important documents. We make extensive modifications to our economy class seats to provide passengers with additional comfort.

Our economy class seats are also wider and offer more legroom for increased comfort. The seat pitch has been increased by up to approximately 7cm, while 3cm has been added to the legroom, providing as much as 10cm of additional space. By reconsidering the layout of items below the seat, even very tall people can comfortably stretch their legs without bothering the person in front of them.

As we continue to search for and discover new ways to improve our economy class seats, we have begun to reduce the number of economy class seats on some of our aircraft. Instead of aiming to get as many passengers on board as possible, we prefer to make each passenger as comfortable as possible. Our economy class seats are simply the widest, most comfortable and most convenient.

We are the only airline that features the highly popular Airweave® bedding, allowing our first or business class passengers to relax in true comfort. Available in first or business class on Boeing 777 international routes. Some amenities may not be available on some routes.

Making You Feel Comfortable

Since our inception, we continue to make efforts so passengers feel safer and more comfortable on our aircrafts in order to increase the quality of our in-flight service through omotenashi. For more than ten years, we have revised the safety and information updates given on our flights. Previously, cabin attendants were asked to read prepared announcements, which didn't always fully reassure passengers as cabin attendants don't operate the aircraft. Now, announcements, including status updates, are provided by JAL pilots, giving passengers a greater sense of safety, security and comfort. All of us at JAL are dedicated to making our passengers feel as safe and comfortable as possible at all times.

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Sky Manga:
JAL provides electronic manga graphic novels for passengers around the world to enjoy in-flight. Available in all classes on Boeing 787 international routes.

Seat specifications may vary on some aircraft and routes.
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