In-flight Meals

Omotenashi by JAL around the world

The Finest Food in the Sky

We work directly with leading chefs and food companies to ensure the highest quality for all of our meals. From proposing new recipes and finalizing the flavor to cooking and preparation, we are intricately involved through every step in order to bring our passengers the finest meals.

As an example, we asked our chefs to devise a reheating method because reheating usually makes meat tough. Our chefs came up with a cooking method that uses oil to heat the meat gradually. As a result, the meat is kept juicy and tender as if it were just cooked at a restaurant. It is this kind of attention to detail and a desire to change the basic way we do things in order to satisfy customers that differentiates us from other airlines.

We aspire to provide our passengers with a taste of what makes Japanese cuisine so special, yet are careful to make sure they are delicious for an international palate as well. All of our chefs are Japanese, working in leading restaurants around the world. Experienced and skilled in other major cuisines, our specially selected chefs make use of Japanese presentation techniques and subtle flavoring for all of our dishes.

From Japan to Your Tray

For first and business class, we spend just as much time on the presentation of our meals as we do making them delicious. Alongside chefs, catering companies and planning managers, we discuss how to make everything we serve look just as good as it tastes, something which our passengers regard as a standout feature of Japanese cuisine.

Served in collaboration with the hugely popular Kyushu Jangara Ramen restaurant group, our ramen noodle soup is one of the most popular Japanese meals for passengers flying first or business class. Passengers can also choose from a full range of meals that can be readied and served immediately, essential for enjoying a long flight. For added convenience, business class passengers can order meals from the comfort of their seat via their touch-panel controller, another service which JAL provides.

For economy class, we offer an in-flight menu full of dishes from some of the most popular restaurants in Japan. For example, we serve hamburgers in partnership with Mos Burger, one of the most famous Japanese hamburger restaurant chains. Our burger is a favorite among our passengers as they are fresh and delicious, as well as easy to eat because of their shape and size. Another meal that delights economy class passengers is our tasty and extra juicy beef bowl, which we provide through a collaboration with Yoshinoya, the most famous Japanese beef bowl restaurant chain.

Special meals are also available for people with specific religious, dietary or medical needs. As we know the demands and the needs vary from person to person, and from region to region, we conduct extensive research into how we can create a safe and delicious menu that meets the demands and the needs of all our passengers.

Meals that Add Flavor to the Journey

Passenger feedback has revealed our in-flight food menu to be a big success. Beyond being delicious and varied, passengers expressed their delight at having the opportunity to try Japanese cuisine, something which is not often offered to them. Valuable passenger feedback such as this helps us to successfully integrate new ideas and evolve our in-flight offerings.

We will continue to create original and collaborative meals to offer a menu that perfectly complements our passengers' journey.

Meals may vary depending on season, aircraft and routes.
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