Regional Sales Activities

Omotenashi by JAL around the world

Building a Bridge Between JAL and Our Passengers

The culture, customs and needs of people around the world serve as a background to the more important individual needs of each passenger. So regardless of where in the world a passenger boards a JAL flight, his or her particular expectations must be considered and exceeded. One of the ways we ensure this is through our sales offices in countries around the world. We take great measures to communicate the wonders of Japan, including our history and nature, tradition and entertainment to local travel agencies, who are the first ones to take good care of our passengers. By providing an insight into the marvels available in Japan, we are also communicating Japanese omotenashi. In turn, we learn much from our local travel agencies regarding local trends and traveler needs. With this information, we work together to develop trips and experiences that satisfy customers in countries around the world. These efforts are part of the spirit of omotenashi when traveling with JAL.

Giving the World a Taste of Japan

Our goal is to become the world's favorite and most respected airline. This is no easy task and requires understanding the different needs of our passengers from around the world. To this end, the flow of information between our global sales representatives and local staff is key to our ability to exceed customer expectations. Having insight into the changing needs of travelers around the world, we provide the type of trips and activities that are appealing to our passengers. Regardless of where they live, global travelers hold Japanese carriers in high regard and board our flights with the highest level of expectation. It is essential that we exceed their expectations.

For travelers who have the luxury of several high-end airlines to choose from in their area, we have to convince them that the service we offer is unique and worthy of their admiration. This begins with a solid understanding of their desires, with the most important being a taste of Japan and Japanese hospitality throughout their journey.

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