Airport Service

Omotenashi by JAL around the world

The JAL Travel Experience Begins on the Ground

As JAL ground staff, we start the JAL travel experience for our passengers. That is why we always greet our passengers with a smile and strive to make each moment of contact memorable.

As we are fully aware that contact at the airport is both brief and limited, we actively engage and assist passengers at every opportunity. The more we talk to passengers, the closer we become. We are constantly thinking about what we can do to make sure passengers feel they made the right choice in choosing JAL and instill in them a desire to choose us again.

We are always on standby at the check-in counter to assist passengers depending on their needs. For senior passengers who prefer to deal directly with staff, we handle them individually at the counter, while we guide passengers who prioritize speed through our fast Touch-and-Go check-in service. Flexibility in the way we approach our passengers is vital.

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Moments of Unforgettable Service

Being on time is something our passengers appreciate very much. It is for them that we have achieved the world's best on-time performance service for the second consecutive year. But providing memorable service is much more than being on time: it is about being there when they need us. There are instances when a passenger is late. Regardless of the reason, we do all we can to help them make their flight, even if it means sometimes having to run with them and carry their bags to the boarding gate! For us, the most important thing is to stay calm and keep our customers relaxed so they make their flights safely.

We never stop working to improve our approach to service so we may be prepared for any situation. While initial education and training are essential, we also hold close to 100 follow-up programs annually that encourage and challenge our staff to improve their service skills. We make use of these opportunities to learn from each other, sharing stories and techniques for exceeding passenger expectations.

Though we do our utmost to satisfy passenger requests, there are times when it's not possible. In such situations, we always search for a solution to make the passenger happy. One particular occasion of how we quickly responded to a passenger's request we could not meet involved a young boy who wanted to bring his balloon onto the aircraft. As it was inflated with helium gas, we regrettably told the young boy that he had to deflate it before bringing it onboard due to aviation regulations. After considering what to do to appease the disappointed boy, we took a picture of his dog-shaped balloon and gave it to him before he boarded with a message promising to display his balloon at our check-in counter for other passengers to see. He loved the idea and boarded happily with the picture.

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