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48 hours in Hakodate

Starting off my Hokkaido road trip from Hakodate, I have allocated two days in this city before driving off to the next destination, Lake Toya.

Recommended as one of the best burger chain and exclusively available in Hakodate, I've made my way to Lucky Pierrot as my first stop. The chain I have visited was the Santa Claus theme and with the chilly autumn weather it felt like Christmas came early! The ambience of the shop is so cozy and the food served was savory. I would say it is worth visiting as the place is not flooded with tourists.

Next on my list was to visit the Red Brick WareHouse (Kanemori). Used to be a busy sea port, these iconic Red Brick Warehouse had been through the evolution of Hakodate port. Now, these Red Brick WareHouses are homes to cafes, duty free shops and musuem. I have visited the area both in the day and night to experience the different atmosphere.

I've start my second day with a seafood breakfast feast at Hakodate Morning Market . Stretches of vendors selling their fresh seafood ,yubari melons and ice cream. The highlight of this market will be squid fishing! I believe no one will leave Hakodate Morning Market with an empty stomach.

The next stop was to Goryokaku Obeservation Tower. From the observation tower, one will have a bird eye view of the impressive star shaped fortress. With hokkaido being well known for the four colours of season, Fort Goryokaku is a great destination for photographers to capture the essence of each season. During Spring, the Fort is pink as cherry blossoms bloom. It turns lush green during Summer, crimson orange during Autmn and pure white in Winter. One may take a tranquil stroll within the fort if you have the time to spare.

The third stop of the day will be strolling around the Motomachi area where western influences could be seen in Hakodate. The foreign churches and old consulate building are open for vistors to enter, some free some at a fee. Other than viewing of western influences, tourist visit this area for its sloping street.

I've end my last night in Hakodate queuing to view one of the top night views in the world. The queue for the cable car for Mt Hakodate was really long but the queue move quickly due to the size of the cable car (approx 30mins queuing time). The night view from Mt Hakodate was really breathtaking.

Do not miss this awesome view if you're in Hakodate! Have a great time touring Hakodate.

*Dress warm as the temperature drops quickly at the top of Mt Hakodate*

Name: Fang Jing Zhi

From: Singapore
Current section: Executive, Passenger Sales Section, Singapore Office

Lucky Pierrot
Address: 8-11, Suehirocho, Hakodateshi, Hokkaido Prefecture (Zip code: 040-0053)
Website: This page will open in a new windowLucky Pierrot

Kanemori Red Brick Ware
Address: 14-12, Suehirocho, Hakodateshi, Hokkaido Prefecture (Zip code: 040-0054)
Website: This page will open in a new windowKanemori Red Brick Ware

Hakodate Morning Market
Address: 9-19, Wakamatsucho, Hakodateshi, Hokkaido Prefecture (Zip code: 040-0063)

Address: 43-9, Goryokakucho, Hakodateshi, Hokkaido Prefecture (Zip code: 040-0001)
Website: This page will open in a new windowGoryokaku

Motomachi Area
Address: Motomachi, Hakodateshi, Hokkaido Prefecture (Zip code: 040-0054)
Website: This page will open in a new windowhttp://hakodate-kankou.com/see/509/(Japanese-language website)

Mt Hakodate
Address: Mt Hakodate Ropeway Station, 19-7, Motomachi, Hakodateshi, Hokkaido Prefecture (Zip code: 040-0054)

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