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Huis Ten Bosch - Pretty Lights in Nagasaki Prefecture

Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park in Sasebo, in the Nagasaki Prefecture, conveniently located about an hour away by car from the Nagasaki Airport. The Dutch-themed park replicates an Old Dutch town, allowing visitors to experience the park as if they were spending a day in the Netherlands. Their wide variety of attractions, events, restaurants, and shops isn't enough to see in just one day.

The main purpose of my visit was to eat the Sasebo burger and to see the famous illumination lights at night, as they are widely known to be one of the best in Japan. Since I wasn't arriving into Nagasaki until later on in the day, I purchased the "Moonlight 4 Passport" which allows you to enter the park after 4PM and still enjoy the many perks of the theme park before the sun sets.

Depending on the season, Huis Ten Bosch offers a variety of things to see and do. My visit was during their spring season around the end of March, when they are best known for their tulips in their flower garden. I was able to see the tulips in full bloom as they stretched across the park near "Flower Road" in many different colors.

As I waited for the sun to set, I visited different areas of the park and enjoyed the many food items. I learned that the famous "Sasebo burger" is actually not a specific type of burger, but refers generally to a Japanese-style burger served in the city of Sasebo, where hamburgers were first introduced in Japan. There are a few Sasebo burger joints within Huis Ten Bosch, but the burger I had had two large pieces of bacon!

At night, the park offers numerous attractions for the illumination lights all year round in different locations all over the park. One of my favorite attractions was seeing the river from a canal cruiser and watching it light up in different colors to match the music. Other attractions included a show featuring lights and 3D projection mapping on a building, a tulip flower garden made of all lights, and an ice skate rink where the ice glows in different colors. Wherever I went in the park, there were colorful lights, and were definitely the prettiest illumination lights I have ever seen.

Name: Sarah Anazawa

From: United States of America
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Huis Ten Bosch

Address: 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch Cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-3293

Website: This page will open in a new windowhttp://english.huistenbosch.co.jp/

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