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Kawagoe – an Old Town City near Tokyo

Today, I will share with you my recent visit to an old town city, Kawagoe. It is a city in Saitama Prefecture which also known locally as “Little Edo” (Edo, the former name of Tokyo till 1868). For those who really like to experience the traditional and historical heritage, why not come visit here!

The journey was conveniently not far from Tokyo traveled by JR Saikyo line from Shinjuku station. It is around 50 minutes to last station without changing trains. It is highly recommended for those who are looking for a day trip. Going around the city, you can walk across the city or use the car “Koedo loop bus” for 1 day free pass which costs 500 yen; however, renting a bike and biking around is also a great option for enjoying Little Edo.

The charming of this city is that buildings are still being maintained in a good condition lined on Kurazukuri Street. There are many attractions for sightseeing for temples, shrines and landmark building. There are many highlights that should not miss like “Toki no Kane” or bell of time, Kita-in Temple, Homaru-Goten (Kawagoe Castle), and Kashiya Yokocho or candy alley. There are many traditional alleys in Kawagoe for you to enjoy taking pictures for a good memory.

Lastly, there are many souvenir shops around and the famous local food is sweet potato. Please try sweet potato chip and sweet potato ice cream before heading home.

Name: Juckree Uthaichand

From: Thailand
Current section: Marketing Strategy, Business Development


Address: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

Website: This page will open in a new windowhttp://www.koedo.or.jp/foreign/english/

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