In Japan, you will never be disappointed when you visit the toilet. It is not uncommon to open the door onto a Japanese style loo known as a washiki . Nothing more than a ceramic bowl on the floor, you are required to squat with your back to the door so be sure to use the lock. On the other extreme you will have the luxurious pleasure of a Japanese washlet*. With more buttons than the captain's chair on the USS Enterprise, this feat of technology will wash, dry and pamper your buttocks. Automatic seat raisers, adjustable water temperature, jet stream controls, heated seats and motion detectors for flushing. Sometimes these are literally, the best seat in the house.
* Washlet is a registered trademark of TOTO.



In Japan, there are times when technology gets ahead of itself and begs for applications. Introducing Puri Kura . A supposed abbreviation of print club, these are photo booths targeting young high school and university girls. In pairs or groups, giggling gals line up to have their faces tweaked by photo technology that moisturizes the skin, adds luster to hair, creates a made-up look and even enlarges the eyes. And if that's not enough, you can add backgrounds and drawing to customize your images. Print them to stickers to share or upload them to your social media outlets and let the world see what you can become. So next time you're in Japan, don't forget to Puri Kura!

Images courtesy of FuRyu Corporation.

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