Takachiho Amano Yasukawara

Around 10 minutes' walk from Amano Iwato Shrine Nishi-Hongu along the Iwato River lies a large cave where, according to Japanese myth, the sun goddess Amaterasu hid herself, bringing darkness to heaven and earth, until all the other gods of Japan assembled and performed a ceremony. The cave is also known as "Gyobogaiwa." Previously, only the shrine was a holy site, but at some point worshippers began to create piles of stones. Now, the countless piles of stones make the atmosphere of Amano Yasukawara even more mysterious and magical.

Address: 8705-12 Nanaori, Hinokage-cho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture *Next to Seiunbashi Roadside Station

Airport: Miyazaki Airport


15 minutes by car from Takachiho Bus Center

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