Located at the tip of Kunisaki peninsula in Bungo-Takada city, Oita Prefecture, Cape Nagasakibana is a haven for all the senses. Deservedly popular for its majestic rapeseed fields in spring and sunflowers in summer, it also offers a wealth of fun activities for friends and family to enjoy, like camping, fishing and sightseeing. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and white sandy beaches, it ticks all the boxes as a top choice for your well-deserved holiday.

The majestic floral abundance and variety on show at Cape Nagasakibana each season is just one of the many attractions this destination offers. Each March and April 20 million rapeseed flowers blossom in the cape and bring out a brilliant field of vibrant yellow. Unlike some others, rapeseed flowers bloom for longer and give visitors more time to bathe in their sweet fragrance.

Come summer, August and September bring another spectacular sight as the sunflowers reach full bloom. Rather like their cherry blossoms peers in spring though, the beauty is transient and the flowers gradually start wilting after a week. Even so, year-round efforts by local volunteers to sow sunflower seeds mean floral sunshine lies in wait for you, no matter which season you arrive.

A move from the cape to the campsite is greeted with other iconic and unmissable flower varieties, such as cherry blossoms in spring, wisteria in May and hydrangeas in June. Though on a smaller scale, they are no less beautiful and more than worthwhile to view in their own right.

Another stand-out feature of Cape Nagasakibana is the glamping site, housing visitors in cozy beachside cabin lodges. With barbecue facilities right next door, beach and fishing areas within walking distance, and the flower park nearby, this is next-level camping in every sense. The more traditional campers among you, meanwhile, can also enjoy a designated tent area.

Address: 4060 Mime, Bungo-Takada City, Oita Prefecture
(Cape Nagasakibana Resort Camping Ground)

Airport: Oita Airport


+81- 978-54-2237
(Cape Nagasakibana Resort Camping Ground)

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