Kunimigaoka Sea of Clouds, Takachiho

A Trip to the Takachiho Sea of Clouds in Kunimigaoka: The Magical Sight of Takachiho Basin Blanketed in a Sea of Clouds

Kunimigaoka, 513 meters above sea level, is famous for its sea of clouds. The best time to see the sea of clouds is in in autumn, in the early morning on cold, clear, windless days. The mist shrouds the Takachiho basin and the surrounding mountains, creating a view just like a classic Japanese ink painting. It is also the birthplace of the Japanese folk song "Seicho Kariboshi Kiriuta," and has beautiful panoramic views of the five peaks of Mount Aso and the Sobo mountain range. The Japanese National Seicho Kariboshi Kiriuta Singing Contest is held on the first weekend of October every year, showcasing the best singers in the country.

Address: 71-3 Oshikata, Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture

Airport: Miyazaki Airport


15 minutes by car from Takachiho Bus Center *Parking available (free, up to approx. 100 vehicles)

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