Hirome Ichiba

Hirome Ichiba is an indoor market with a Latin atmosphere distinctive to Nankoku-Tosa. Around 60 stores are packed inside, including grocers selling everything from fish and meat to fruit, various pastes, liquor, and snacks such as imo-kenpi. There are also variety stores, as well as eateries where you can sample delicacies such as Kochi's famous seared bonito. It has the feel of a community of food stalls always thronging with locals. Nearby are the remains of the residence of the chief retainer of the Tosa clan. The neighborhood was still remembered fondly as the Hirome Residence even after the Meiji Restoration when it disappeared, and for that reason the market was named "Hirome Ichiba." Hirome Ichiba is comprised of seven blocks, including Oshiroshita Hiroba and Ryoma-dori, each featuring many stores with their own unique charm. Rows of tables and chairs can be found throughout the market, so you can buy whatever takes your fancy from a store you like, and eat in the communal area. After dining you merely have to stack your dishes and the staff will clear them away for you. There are countless ways to enjoy yourself there, whether shopping, dining, exploring or just having fun, so you can amuse yourself however you'd like. Many stores serve beer, sake, and shochu, so having a drink together with some freshly seared bonito comes highly recommended. Tables are shared at the market, and sitting together with strangers is a good opportunity to make new acquaintances, so don't be shy and enjoy yourself.

How to get there

A 3 minutes walk from Ohashidori stop on the streetcar line from JR Kochi Station

Address: 2-3-1 Obiyamachi, Kochi, Kochi Prefecture

Airport: Kochi Airport

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