JAL Japan Explorer Pass

  • JPY5,400,
  • JPY7,560or
  • JPY10,800

Special price for any applicable route within Japan

JAL Japan Explorer Pass is a simple and low cost fare for travelers wishing to explore the unique culture and feel of local Japan. The fare can be used to access over 30 cities across JAL’s domestic network.

  • Only individuals residing outside Japan with a return ticket leaving Japan are eligible to purchase JAL Japan Explorer Pass fares.
  • Reservation and purchase of domestic flight sectors must be completed through JAL’s website.
  • Terms & Conditions


JPY5,400(Tax included):
Routes within Hokkaido & Routes departing from/to Tohoku
JPY7,560(Tax included):
Routes between Tokyo and Osaka
Routes between Tokyo and Nanki-Shirahama
Routes between Okinawa main island and outlying islands
JPY10,800(Tax included):
Routes aside from the above

*Fare is valid for Economy Class travel only. (Class J, First Class may be purchased at the time of check-in on a standby basis.)

*Depending on the availability, JAL Japan Explorer Pass fare may not display for some routes.

JPY5,400(Tax included): Routes
Tokyo(Haneda/Narita) - Akita
Tokyo(Haneda/Narita) - Aomori
Tokyo(Haneda/Narita) - Misawa
Tokyo(Haneda/Narita) - Yamagata
Osaka(Itami/Kansai) - Akita
Osaka(Itami/Kansai) - Aomori
Osaka(Itami/Kansai) - Hanamaki
Osaka(Itami/Kansai) - Misawa
Osaka(Itami/Kansai) - Sendai
Osaka(Itami/Kansai) - Yamagata
Sapporo(New Chitose) - Akita
Sapporo(New Chitose) - Aomori
Sapporo(New Chitose) - Hanamaki
Sapporo(New Chitose) - Memanbetsu
Sapporo(New Chitose) - Sendai
Sapporo(Okadama) - Rishiri
Sapporo(Okadama) - Misawa
Sapporo(Okadama) - Kushiro
Sapporo(Okadama) - Hakodate
Fukuoka - Hanamaki
Fukuoka - Sendai
Hakodate - Misawa
Hakodate - Okushiri
JPY7,560(Tax included):Routes
Tokyo(Haneda) - Osaka(Itami/Kansai)
Tokyo(Narita) - Osaka(Itami)
Tokyo(Haneda) - Shirahama
Okinawa(Naha) - Ishigaki
Okinawa(Naha) - Kumejima
Okinawa(Naha) - Miyako
Ishigaki - Okinawa(Naha)
Kumejima - Okinawa(Naha)
Miyako - Okinawa(Naha)


*Tickets will be issued in equivalent amount of the currency of country of sale.
*Above fares listed include Japan Consumption Tax (8%) of per sector.
*This page will open in a new windowPassenger Facility Charge will be added to fares for flights to/from Haneda, Narita, Chubu, and Kitakyushu Airports.
*Reservation changes are not permitted after domestic ticket purchase. All tickets are non-refundable.
*Seats are based on current seat availability and may not be available on all days or flights.
*Fares and Rules are subject to change. Please read through and acknowledge Terms & Conditions below prior to purchase.

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