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    Sapporo / Hakodate / Asahikawa / Obihiro

    Japan’s northernmost island and an outdoor lover’s paradise


    Kakunodate / Tazawa / Nyuto Onsen

    Relax among mountains and lakes in summer, or be dazzled by the winter snow while enjoying unique, northern cuisine.


    Morioka / Hiraizumi / Tono

    Stunning in all four seasons, Iwate is full of opportunities to enjoy great food and festivals, as well as magnificent scenery.


    Yamagata Prefecture / Fukushima Prefecture / Aomori Prefecture

    Sceneries, history, cuisine, skiing and hiking... enjoy a trip that will rejuvenate your soul.


    Sado-ga-shima / Naeba / Myoko Kogen / Echigo-yuzawa-Onsen

    The land of snow, hot springs and fine sake


    Narita / Tokyo Disneyland

    The gateway to Japan. Packed with great spots for sightseeing where are easily accessible from the capital.


    Shinjuku / Akihabara / Asakusa

    Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis


    Kii Peninsula / Ise

    Most sacred shrine, Excellent pearls, and Samurai theme park. Touch the tradition and history.


    Arashiyama / Gion / Kurama

    The traditional and cultural heart of Japan


    Umeda / Namba / Shin-Sekai

    One of Japan’s major cities and home of good eating


    Fukui / Echizen-Ono

    Sample seafood delicacies such as Echizen crab and puffer fish, as you soak yourself in the history of Fukui’s many heritage sites.


    Kobe / Toyooka / Himeji / Kinosaki

    Enjoy tradition, modernity, sightseeing spots and culinary delights


    Iya Valley / Tsurugi-san

    Hidden springs and fantastic scenery amid pristine natural surroundings.


    Shimanto City / Ashizuri-misaki

    Combining unspoiled natural beauty with a tropical climate


    Miyajima / Iwakuni / Tomo-no-ura / Onomichi

    Steeped in history and a symbol of peace the world over


    Uwajima / Matsuyama / Ishizuchi-san

    Fresh fruit and fish. Tour some of the castle, explore the history.


    Fukuoka / Dazaifu

    Many sights to see and delicious cuisine. Fukuoka leaves you satisfied every time.


    Karatsu / Imari / Arita

    Experience breath-taking natural scenery and traditional crafts. A trip with delighting surprises around every corner.


    Kumamoto / Aso-san / Kurokawa-Onsen

    Surround yourself with nature and taste gourmet flavors you will find nowhere else.


    Kirisima-Yaku National Park / Satsuma Peninsula

    The home of historic heroes and a living volcanic landscape. Toast with delicious shochu and sample the unique Kagoshima cuisine.


    Osumi Island / Amami Islands / Miyako Island / Yaeyama Islands

    Japan’s tropical side offering a unique culture and history

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Staff Columns

Ise Grand ShrineMie

Japan’s native Shinto faith is a key part of its traditional culture. A notable feature of Shinto is the large number of deities, and there are said to be 8 million of them. The chief place of worship for the most exalted of those divinities, Amaterasu, is Ise Grand Shrine. The shrine (jinja) is imbued with a real sense of mystery. It is a power spot and has the natural ability to leave all visitors feeling positively energized. Wandering around on its peaceful gravel paths with the birds in the trees is a complete delight. Ritual ablutions are an essential part of Shinto practice, and at Ise Grand Shrine you can use the water in its basins to wash away all impurities.
Food lovers are certain to enjoy a trip to Ise. Spiny lobsters are known in Japan as Ise ebi, and the area is closely associated with this fine seafood. Many restaurants around the shrine allow you to enjoy the specialty. Visitors should also be sure to buy Akafuku mochi (rice cakes) and shrimp crackers to take back home as presents.

Name:Yang Zi

Shanghai District Office
Cabin Attendant Section

Address: 279 Toyokawa-cho, Ise, Mie Prefecture

Airport: This page will open in a new windowChubu Airport

Tel: +81-596-24-1111

HOURS: October–December, 5 a.m.–5 p.m.;
January–April, September, 5 a.m.–6 p.m.;
May–August, 5 a.m.–7 p.m.

ACCESS: About 2 hours by high-speed boat
and express bus from Chubu Centrair
International Airport

WEBSITE: This page will open in a new windowwww.isejingu.or.jp/en/index.html

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