Geibikei Gorge

Geibikei, one of the Top 100 Landscapes of Japan, is a gorge of some two kilometers in length, formed by the Satetsu River eroding the surrounding limestone. The river is flanked by cliffs more than 100 meters tall, forming a spectacular deep mountain valley that is also a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty. Geibikei is known for its boatmen and boatwomen, who maneuver their boats downriver with a single pole. With the sounds of the Geibi-oiwake folk song echoing off the soaring rock gorge walls, fresh greenery in spring, wisteria, golden-rayed lilies, the endemic Geibi-sekisho flower, vivid autumnal colors, birdsong, and freshwater fish leaping from the surface of the water, there is color and atmosphere to soak up in every season. The number one attraction in spring is the wisteria, which when in bloom produces great locks of purple flowers cascading down the rock walls that rise out of the clear waters all along the river.

In the snowy winter months, so-called kotatsu (heated) boats run, perfect for beating the chilly weather, and an opportunity to savor the taste of the steaming ki-nagashi nabe hotpot served on board. You will feel as though you've been transported to another time entirely. Return boat trips take around 90 minutes. Why not forget the hustle and bustle of daily life, and immerse yourself in tranquility for a while?

Hours: 8:30-16:30 (Until 16:00 from 9/1 to 11/10, until 15:30 from 11/11-20, 9:30-15:00 from 11/21 to 3/20, 9:30-15:30 from 3/21-31)

Address: Nagasaka-azamachi 467, Higashiyama-cho, Ichinoseki, Iwate

Airport: Hanamaki Airport


0191-47-2341(Geibi Sightseeing Center)

Open all year

By train: Change at JR Ichinoseki onto the JR Ofunato Line to Geibikei, then walk 5 minutes.Take the Ichinoseki IC exit of the Tohoku Expressway and head east on national route 19 (Ichinoseki - Daito route) for 30 minutes.

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